"Teaching Teens and Pre-Teens to Value Work,
Value their Community and to Value Their Future"

Kids In Motion sponsors several special events throughout the year to reinforce and promote the organization's mission. Past events include:

Take Pride In Yourself Day - This event is co-sponsored with the PYRFEECT organization, and stresses the importance of good hygiene (particularly related to an employment setting) and is designed to increase the self-worth and esteem of each participant.

Offender's Offering Alternatives Day - This is a very powerful field trip taken to the Moberly Correctional Center. Chosen inmates share their stories and talk to participants about the reality of "actions have consequences."

College Day - Co-sponsored by Hannibal-LaGrange College, Moberly Area Community College, Advanced Beauty College and Hannibal Career & Technical Center - This event encourages youth to begin thinking about continuing education options for their future.

Career Day - This is a "traveling" day where participants go to a number of different businesses and talk to various people about their respective careers and what they do for a living. This will encourage participants to begin thinking about their own future career choices.

Life Skills Classes - Held several times throughout the summer, focusing on things such as money management, work ethic, job preparedness, interviewing skills, etc.

Babysitter's Training & Certification through the American Red Cross - Participants learn valuable skills in regards to properly caring for a child. Training includes how to feed and diaper a baby, first aide, CPR, etc.

KIM Principles Photo Scavenger Hunt - Hosted and sponsored by Hannibal Arts Council. Participants are divided into teams and are given a list of concepts that they are to capture
on film. The list includes principles that coincide with the KIM Mission Statement. Examples include: someone working for a living, someone being responsible, someone learning or educating themselves, someone taking pride in themselves, etc.

"The Hannibal Parks & Recreation Dept. worked with Kids In Motion program last year.
They did an excellent job assisting with the cleanup of many parks. The outcome was
easy to see, a nice clean park environment for the residents and the tourists to enjoy.
However, at the same time, each child was developing a strong work ethic and becoming
a responsible, self confident adult while learning to value a hard day's work and to value their community."

Andy Dorian
Hannibal Parks & Recreation Director

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